Introduction to Topher Arts

Hello there & welcome to my very first blog post! But hey anything for those SEO results, which happen to make a good website into an amazing one! You can write the best content or make the best product, but it’s useless if you don’t market it.

What you’ll receive for following along with these blogs is:

– Constant knowledge and up to date information on Web Design & Development.

– Getting help with WordPress and editing sites to keep them fresh. (A website is useless if it just sits there doing nothing)

– Update on my clothing line that is very soon to be released. I have some designs ready just in the process of finding a supplier LeixuryCo – Instagram

– Many other amazing things! Who knows? You may love it you may not…

A little bit about me…

I’m 20 years old and have lived by the ocean on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland for every minute of those young years.  (Except the 3 months I was travelling in Europe with my best friend having the time of our lives. But hey that story is for another day.)

I have been making Graphics for small business’ and eSport teams for just under 5 years now as a hobby and for practice. In the recent years I have decided that I’ll try and give the whole “work for yourself” lifestyle a go as everyone dreams. So I invested my first website earnings that I had ever sold (which was 2 years ago) into a new computer and a website domain which you are currently viewing now! Exciting times were ahead for sure.

I gave uni a go after my gap year of working, trying to figure my life out. Oh and I couldn’t do that without the frequent weekend benders. Guess what? I only lasted a week… Well not even a week I didn’t attend my last class. I just knew it wasn’t for me as soon as I saw the four year layout and I’m more of a hands on learner rather than a reader. Ironic right? As sometimes I sit here for hours reading hundreds of lines of code trying to troubleshoot a website. But I enjoy the challenge, I don’t enjoy researching and answering questions.

Since returning from EU I have since undertaken an Online course which I found is a hell of a lot better as there is farrrrrrr more website related activities  which is perfect! But we need the little bit of paper to say that we know how to do what it is we’re doing right?

I thank you greatly for your time that was taken to read and stay tuned for more!



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