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Below is a list of the best word press themes in my opinion. You’ll be able to have a brief read over what they are the capabilities that each theme has to offer and also a link to each theme to download.



Astrid is a beautiful theme that is easy to set-up for anyone that has knowledge of WordPress. This theme allows the designer to get a clean and beautiful looking business website up and running with their 5 minute setup system. It comes with amazing widgets that are completely customizable. The only downside to this theme is that it isn’t woo-commerce ready but that has a benefit that it will perform fast with no coding. What makes it better? Yes it’s a 100% apart of the free wordpress themes.

Astrid Free WordPress theme



NewsMag is dominating the WordPress world at the moment with its modern, elegant and it’s perfectly optimized responsive code. This is a go to WordPress theme for online magazines and blogging websites. This is not built for an online shop its built for perfection in the business world. What makes it better? Yes it’s a 100% apart of the free wordpress themes.

News Mag Theme



Activello is another amazing multi purpose theme but this time is aimed at portfolio pages with lots of images and a high quality portfolio. This theme is ideal for photographers that love to update their showcase regularly. This theme comes equip with a huge full width header image slider to show off that amazing night sky photo you just took. What makes it better? Yes it’s a 100% apart of the free wordpress themes.

Activello Blog Theme



The Brilliance theme speaks for itself really. This multi purpose extremely mobile friendly website is the perfect site for almost any website. eCommerce, Business, Portfolio. You name it, this website is just brilliant and is very underrated. What makes it better? Yes it’s a 100% apart of the free wordpress themes.

Brilliance WordPress Theme



Where to start with Transcend… The image says it all, it’s amazing extremely user friendly interface is again a perfect theme for a portfolio of any sort. Whether it be a photographer or a graphic designer or even a small business that needs to show off their work. What makes it better? Yes it’s a 100% apart of the free wordpress themes.

Transcend Free WordPress Theme




Ascent is beautiful & elegant theme, with its 5/5 star rating how could you go wrong? You have a huge featured image with you can change so your website will have the very unique feel. “It is entirely responsive, meaning that it can work on tablets, mobile phones, laptops, and desktop computers. It uses innovative technology such as CSS3 and HTML5”  (2017,





Auberge theme is quite overwhelming with the endless possibilities that this theme offers. It is ideal for cafes and local business’ with the home page looking immaculate with all your details right there in front of the user. Again this theme has 5/5 star rating and 30,000+ downloads but this theme is so customizable that you won’t recognize a website that has the same theme.





Watches is a free eCommerce site theme that is amazing at showcasing your products to the best of its ability. No you don’t have to just list watches on this site, It is perfect for products from plants to t-shirts to small appliances. This eCommerce theme has been downloaded 25,000+ times and this just shows how amazing it really is.





Lighting is again an eCommerce site that has all the functions as any other web-shop however this one just looks absolutely stunning and can be changed in so many ways un-imaginable. The images really do speak for themselves.




 Pendant Store

Maybe you’re not looking at selling clothes or shoes or flowers instead you’re going to sell jewelerly. Well have I got you covered! This extremely versatile theme is ideal for this. I mean the name says it all! This theme is relatively new and not many people are using it to its full capacity.


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