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SEO backlinks are so important for your website to gain google traffic and for that matter any search engine traffic. Today I’m going to tell you 5 amazing way to get these and whats better? They’re all free they just take a little of effort in exchange.

Guest Posting

The idea of guest posting is to approach well established forums, blogs and content websites about letting you write an article for them in exchange for an SEO backlink.
eg – Your amazing article would go here… At the bottom of it you’d have a link to your website, facebook page, twitter and all that. Because search engine bots always crawl over these well established business’, they will now find all your links and also add them to their directory. The more the better! In the case of SEO backlinks it is not always quantity over quality.  You need to have good articles and trusted websites otherwise you could penalized.

I have provided a list of some of the websites that you can approach as they offer this service and have a page for you to apply.

Biz Community
News Blaze
Jackson Ville
Working Mother


Infographics are another good way to get SEO backlinks, having an “Embed this image on your site” box on your infographics allows other website users to easily copy your image and paste it straight into theres (you might be thinking why would I want someone to steal my image) and that’s fine to think that. However doing this google bots recognize that it is your image because of the link that was provided for them has an earlier date set on your site, so really nothing but good things come of this.



Testimonials or Reviews

Yes believe it or not these are an amazing way to get some google search traffic or easy put SEO backlinks. Maybe you’ve visited a local store or even brought a product off amazon writing a good review with your name (or business name) and in your review add a link to your site appropriately. Don’t just spam your website in otherwise you’ll get punished by google and its hard to come back after a few punishments.


 HARO – Help A Reporter Out

The name says it all. You go to the website of HARO (which i’ll provide a link at the end of this segment) and sign up to their newsletter. How it works is each day you’ll get sent emails of reporters that need help on a certain topic and if you know anything about it. You can write an article for them in exchange they’ll apply the credit back at you via a link to your website, social media pages or which ever you choose. This is an awesome way to help the reporters out while also getting something in return.

Link the HARO website


Feedback Sites

Saved my favorite and most effective till last for all you still reading. This is the best way to get backlinks and also learn more about your site and how to improve it. How it works is that you go to sites like and get people to review your site. How the backlinks work, obviously to review your site they have to click on it right? The more frequent views your website gets the easier it is for google to notice it. Then when people leave their review google will also see these 4-5 star reviews and rank your website better again. The perfect way to get SEO backlinks while also learning how to optimize your site to be more user friendly.



I hope these 5 tips helps your websites growth and Search Engine Traffic immensely and you can start bringing in the clients and the buyers.


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